The Soul of John Black - Black John
Release: February 17th, 2009

  Elvin Bishop - The Blues Rolls On
Release: September 23rd, 2008

Release: July, 14th 2008

“DO NOT DISTURB”, the new record of MHMM, is defined from the creators themselves as a ‘Blues Core’ record, with the intention of re-defining the typical language of rock-blues with their personal style.

Mhmm Blues Band consists of: Paolo Baltaro, Gianni Opezzo, Sandro Marinoni and Boris Savoldelli, whom have already been together in the Arcansiel (4 records, Contempo Records, Mellow Records and Musea) and in the Sado (Btf – Ams Records). The record sees many guests as Kiko Cioccoloni, Roger Balfour, Barbara Rubin, Luigi Ranghino and Mitch Maloney.

Recorded between Vercelli (Kmp Castle Studios) and London (KinkyMalinky Studios) ‘Do Not Disturb’ has been produced by Paolo Baltaro and arranged by Paolo Baltaro and Gianni Opezzo. Songs are preceded by the voice of Londoner Roger Balfour, who leads the listener to the idea of a concept album set in a smoky bar between whiskey and beer, where he describes occasional customers from behind his bar.

‘Do Not Disturb’ is produced by the new label Banksville Records  which taps into both the traditional and the multimedia markets. For the release of the record Banksville uses the innovative Rewave System, which consists of a box with a high-quality 150 gr. LP and a CD at the price of the optical support only. The CD, sealed in the box along the LP, is the copy of the master used for the transfer on the vinyl support without any kind of post-production, making possible to have a faithful digital version of the vinyl, picking up the interest of audiophiles also.

Recording sessions have been processed via a selection of outboards rigorously vintage and Hi-End. Then the material has been reversed in a high-speed reel to reel recorder in order to give kind of ‘analog warmth’ to the CD.

Mastering and post-production for the vinyl have been made by Mauro Andreolli – Das Ende Der Dinge studios.

Mhmm is on the internet with it's ownsites: ( and and in the main on-line shops (i-Tunes, Amazon, Napster and many more). LP+CD distribution: worldwide distribution list :
The record consists of 7 original songs (publisher: S.I.A.E. Italy) and a cover of Woodstock (Joni Mitchell).

Brand New Release From The Leader In West Coast Blues
Delta Groove Music, Inc

Sean Costello - We Can Get Together

Available February 19th, 2008

  Delta Groove Music, Inc.
Sean Costello Bio

Smokin’ guitarist and singer Sean Costello went home to Atlanta to record his latest Delta Groove disc, “We Can Get Together,” and the result is an eclectic mix of styles that recalls two of his biggest inspirations, Muddy Waters’ guitarist Hubert Sumlin and the Band’s Levon Helm.

Like them, Costello ventures into all kinds of styles and grooves, from stormy Monday style swamp rock to southern fried funk and passionate gospel –but in the center of the swirling cyclone, the listener always grabs onto his rock solid voice and ticklish guitar playing.

“I wanted to bring in my best buddies and capture the Atlanta scene which is not well represented,” says the 28-year-old, who received some notoriety backing Susan Tedeschi on her break through disc “Just Won’t Burn” and collaborating with Amy and Levon Helm in the New York gospel blues scene.

“In Atlanta you can go to a club and hear this strange mix of soul tunes, country tunes, and blues tunes all done by the same band on he same night, and it doesn’t sound out of place. It’s a peculiarly Southern

A prodigy who began playing at the age of 9 and won the Memphis Blues Society’s New Talent Award when he was 14, Costello is a restless student of the blues tapping rich and often unexplored nooks and crannies for inspiration. He released his first disc in 1996 and has been touring and recording ever since.

A musical discussion with him is as likely to touch on Otis Clay, O. V. Wright, Eddie Hinton, Otis
Redding, Bobby Womack, and Johnnie Taylor (his all-time favorite singer) as Otis Rush, Robert Lockwood Jr., Freddy King, Bobby “Blue” Bland, Jimmie Vaughan, or Lurrie Bell (his favorite contemporary guitarist). And then he’ll cite Bob Dylan, Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, and Jerry Lee Lewis.

You can hear it all on this disc and a lot more. (There’s even a chicken coop for percussion on one tune.)

“Anytime You Want” channels a mix of Stevie Ray Vaughan on guitar with some Marc Bolan T-Rex vocal twists. Sixties era rockers like Robert Plant would smile at the ingenuity of it. This is what they were trying to do and then some.

“Same Old Game” is the best Stones tune the Stones didn’t write with Costello playing two players worth of chunky guitar. “Can’t Let Go” is a whole other direction, smooth Tyrone Davis style soul.

“Told Me a Lie,” does what Costello does best: makes you scratch your head counting all the inspirations. There’s a tuba, which brings to mind the Band and New Orleans Cajun haunts; some doo-wop (he was born in Philly, before his parents moved to Atlanta); a little gospel, the chicken coop, and a bit of Beatles whimsy.

“Hard Luck Woman” grafts a prison work song to later day Bob Dylan. “Going Home” channels Albert King; “Feel Like I Ain’t Got a Home,” brings to mind Sonny Boy Williamson and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

And “Little Birds” takes you into the heart and soul of a bluesman in the darkest hours of the night, when it doesn’t seem certain that dawn is coming.

“So much of the blues these days is the same thing over and over,” says Costello. “I wanted that feeling I get when I listen to my favorite records. I wanted to take a different spin on every song. I was trying to make it all sound fresh.”

You can’t listen to this without agreeing that he reached his goal and then some. This is one of the most inspired singer/songwriters to come down the road in a long, long time.
-Delta Groove Music, Inc.