Must Have Blues Albums

John Lee Hooker

Without question, John Lee Hooker ranks as one of my favorite blues artists. His unique style and low, dirty voice combine to deliver a sound that defines my feeling for the blues. A few pieces of work that I would never leave home without would include, Chill Out - Pointblank 1995, Endless Boogie - MCA 1971, Live at the Cafe au Go-Go (and Soledad Prison) - MCA 1996, and I'll Play the Blues for You with Albert King. His Live recordings at Soledad Prison and for the album, I'll Play the Blues for You are without question, the top 2 live blues recordings I have ever heard.

Muddy Waters

I own quite a few Muddy albums. Two of my favorites are Trouble No More ~ Singles 1955-1959 - CHESS 1989, and Muddy Mississippi Waters - LIVE - BlueSky 1979. The first album compiles a number of his best singles during his early days. On the other hand, Muddy is at his best on any album accompanied by Johnny Winter on guitar. This live album is no exception.

Buddy Guy

It was a little over 10 years ago when I started listening to the blues seriously. My girlfriend and I were first starting to see each other, and we were going out to the local clubs alot. A friend of hers in college suggested that we go see Buddy Guy who was playing in Matunick, RI at the Ocean Mist. I tell you what, that show was the best show I have ever seen! We got there early, and the place quickly packed tight. It was a small little club, before they raised the stage up off the floor and moved the bar away from the stage a bit. As soon as Buddy got up on stage, he blew everyone's mind! During the beginning of the first set, there was this soundman playing with the mixer a little bit too much, so Buddy yelled out to him to turn up the mic a bit and just sit down and grab a beer! The place exploded! Buddy ruled the house that night.
The Very Best of Buddy Guy - Rhino 1992, Damn Right I've Got the Blues - Silvertone 1991, and Stone Crazy - Alligator 1991. Also on Muddy Waters Folk Singer - CHESS 1964